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What is this?


  • A retro-futuristic space opera about a human slave forced to participate in the alien gladiator tourney.
  • A turn-based tactical roguelike runner. Or whatever you'd call it.
  • At an early stage of the development.
  • Is being made as a game I want to play myself.

Your new masters are truly excited by dangerous brutal shows! Now you have to fight your way through the mobs of hostile creatures, entertaining the crowd. Use your raw strength, agile evasive moves or other clever tricks (and you do have some, don't you?) Watch your step but don't hesitate and move, human, move while you can!

How do I play it?

Special thanks to ChestHole for helping me write this section

The game is lost if any of the following happens:

  • You end your turn on the tile in the leftmost column
  • Your energy drops to 0
  • Your health drops to 0

Oh wow. And I'm trying to get all the way to the right?

Yep. Untill you die or run out of energy.

There's not a win condition yet?

Your purpose is to entertain, not to win.


You control your character using a keyboard and/or a mosue. I prefer the keyboard:

  • WASD/Arrows to move
  • [Tab] to loop through the list of possible targets
  • ([Tab]+WASD/Arrows) or (Mouse click) to see creature stats
  • [Q, E] to control the attack bar
  • [X] to attack
  • [Shift] to loop through the list of equipped modules (abilities)
  • [Z] to use selected module
  • [Space] to end turn

What does the attack bar do?

It allows you to choose how many energy points you will spend on your attack. The more the deadlier.

And how do I attack stuff?

First, you select a target from an adjacent tile ([Tab]/Target button), then decide how many energy to spend on the attack ([Q, E], Attack bar) and then press ([X]/Attack button) to land a hit.

Now I've got it going. What do the colored blocks on the tiles mean?

Each tile may (or may not) have a special effect:

  • amount of blocks indicate the power of the effect
  • color of blocks indicate the type of the effect

You can get the tooltip if you hold the CTRL button and mouse over the tile. For example:

  • orange four gives you 4 energy every turn
  • red three deals 3 damage to whoever is standing on it

Acid! I was going for the green ones

Well, it only lowers your defence while you're standing on it. Basically just the inverse of blue ones.

So if most of these guys are on spikes, will they die if I just wait?

Yeah and they also leave you some energy to pick up and restore your pool. You can even push them on spikes, if you have Push module equipped.  One day I will add an achievement for that.

Nice, I am starting to get the hang of it... Wait, modules?

Yeah, after you press "Skirmish" you get to the screen where you can choose between different arenas, character classes and buy/equip modules

If you're starting with module equipped it can be used in game after pressing corresponding key, from top to bottom: [P]ush, [R]egenerate, [I]nvisibility, [O]vercharge, [M]ove 

Or you can loop through them with [Shift] and then use ([Z]/Use button)

Yeah, neat!

Have fun figuring out the rest from practice, coming up with best strategies and class/arena/module combinations. Looking forward to see you on the Champions page!

Most of menu items are locked! When will they be available?

It's done when it's done.

My current plan is to release a new public build every two weeks approximately.

Right now my primary focus is core gameplay (battles) which is about 20% ready. Story mode and meta will appear after I'm satisfied with the core.

Few of the features I plan to make into release in the following months:

  • Distinctive enemies with unique mechanics.
  • Online leaderboards.
  • NPC spectators which provide some support if player's style suits their taste.
  • Localization support.
  • Equipment system (new modules!)
  • Android build.
Published Nov 01, 2017
PlatformsWindows, Flash
AuthorAl Arz
GenreRole Playing, Puzzle
TagsRoguelike, Tactical, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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